Gathering of the Juggalos 2011
AUGUST 11th - 14th
Hatchet Landings
Cave-in-Rock, IL

Tickets for the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos are now available for purchase! That gets you admission into the BIGGEST and most DEVASTATING underground music festival of the year! It's all goin' down August 11th - 14th, Thursday through Sunday, at the Hatchet Landings in Cave-in-Rock, IL. A Juggalo home away from home!

Keep in mind, this is the 12TH annual Gathering, meaning that the elite group of ninjas who are planning the ins and out for 2011 have had ELEVEN YEARS to perfect their craft! They know what the Juggalos want and this year their goal is the make the fuckin' forest shake from all the flavor they have packed into this event!

Especially after everything that went down last year? All of the huge artists! The big name comedians! The wig splitting events! The madness! The mayhem! The pure pandemonium of thousands upon thousands of Juggalos joining together as one in the middle of the fuckin' woods for four glorious days of unadulterated freaky freedom!

After last year you just KNOW that 2011 is going to bring it! You just KNOW that this year will be The Gathering to end all Gatherings! This will be the one that you're talkin' about, sayin' how you can't believe you were there! This will be the one where you will be kickin' yourself in the dome nonstop if you even THINK of missin' out!

While full details are still being worked out, there are certain things about The Gathering 2011 that you can be sure about. You can be SURE the entire Psychopathic Records and Hatchet House family will be there. We're talking about the Insane Clown Posse! Twiztid! Blaze Ya Dead Homie! ABK! Boondox! AMB! DJ Clay! The Dayton Family! The Psychopathic Rydas! And Dark Lotus! They will be performing live night after night! There will be autograph signings! There will be seminars! They will be kickin' it with one and all!

And there will be so much more! We bring in HUNDREDS of the biggest performers from all over. Rappers! Metal bands! Comedians! Shit that you don't even know about! Shit you've never dreamed and shit you only dreamed of seeing!

This years Gathering is already causing a worldwide buzz and shit is just getting started! For anyone who has been putting it off, we're tellin' you! This is the year to get your shit together and come join up with the family.

It's The 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos! The most controversial music festival in the world brought to you by the most hated band in the world and the Psychopathic Army!

Last updated March 12, 2011: R.C.J